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Why is the PowerPro not charging my device?

1) Turn PowerPro to On: Connect your device to the PowerPro output port, press the Power button, and charging will begin immediately.
2) Recharge PowerPro: With no cables attached to the PowerPro, press the Power button and look for one or more indicator lights indicating the level of available power.  Recharge as needed following User Manual instructions.

How do I operate the LED Flashlight?

Quickly “Double-Click” the Power Button in order to turn the LED Flashlight On or Off.

How long will a PowerPro product hold its charge?

The PowerPro line of products provides on-the-go power for your devices on an as-needed basis.  As with all batteries, a PowerPro product will lose it’s charge over time but should be able to provide power for a period of at least six months before needing to be recharged.

Where can I find a replacement User Manual for my PowerPro product?

PowerPro User Manuals are available in the SUPPORT section of the LUNA website.

Is expedited shipping available?

Yes, you can select expedited shipping in the checkout section of our online STORE.

How do I get a replacement USB to Micro USB Cable or USB AC Adapter?

These are both industry-standard items available at your local retailer wherever cell phone accessories are sold.

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