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This really is a life changer !

The Power Pro 8400 is not only great everyday, but it also comes in great Deering a Power outage !!!
SPEEDWAY411, NC 6/30/2013


Best thing since sliced bread lv this charger I keep it in my pocket book when I am out and about. Great if you r some where and can’t charge in the regular way
Bobo747, NC 6/27/2013


My purse was stolen and in it, among other valuables, was my PowerPro 5600 Charger which I loooooved… :( I have recommended this particular charger to many people as I haven’t owned another one like it. I’ve had a couple of other ones that I end up giving away because they wouldn’t even give me one full charge. The PowerPro 5600 gave me three full charges before dying (not that I ever let it fully die)… A few weeks ago, I came to re-purchase the Luna 5600 and to my surprise, there was a newer model – Luna 8600. I ordered it right away. I must say I’m in LOOOVE with this little but powerful gadget and the price – outstanding. You can’t go wrong.
Yammii, NY 6/13/2013

Great little gadget

I’d ordered a similar device from another t.v. shopping channel. I received it & realized a A/C adapter (wall outlet plug) didn’t come with the item. Unless I wanted to purchase that separately the only way I could recharge the unit was to plug it into my p.c. Also, the one I’d purchased from them only allowed one electronic device to be recharged at a time. I didn’t use it & actually still have to return it. This one has what I think is a unique power cord because there’s only ONE cord – which IS included. It’s adaptable so you do have a plug for the wall & the other end of the cord goes into the device itself to charge/recharge it up. THEN when you want to use the device to recharge your electronic item the powewr cord “converts” by coming apart from the wall plug & THAT end now becomes the end you plug into the device you want to charge – & the other end goes into the device itself (& “extracts” the power & transfers it to your electronic device.
Pringie, NY 6/13/2013


I would have given 5 stars, but haven’t had it long. Big improvement over the smaller one I had to send back. Prefer this one because it charges my phone more than once.
maynerd5, VA 6/10/2013

Good idea

I bought this because it is à great idea foe power loss. the flashlight it very bright.
shebarose, MI 6/10/2013


This is my third charger. The 1st two were ok but this one exceeded my expectation. The charge on my iPad was 49 and the PowerPro completely charged it to 100 with 2 lights left. Just make sure when charging the iPad that you put the USB in the right port. I highly recommend the PowerPro!
Raineybuster, CT 6/9/2013

Love this !!!!!!!!!

Got this about a week ago and I just love it I charged it fully and it works like a dream. I have unused it just once so far to charge my HTC One android cell phone. Awsome power Pac charger. Also love the flash light. Nice and,bright. It is still fully charged. You won’t bee soorry with this charger.makes me feel secure having it in my purse.
ladyinblue, MA 6/8/2013

Great charger!

I returned the first charger I bought . . . It appeared to not charge my iPad. The PowerPro appears to be excellent. I am currently charging both my iPhone and iPad. I talked with the company in Florida and they were very very helpful. They told me that I could talk on the phone and use the iPad while charging. Not losing the ability to use the iPhone and the iPad during charging is a great plus for me. I think you would love this item!!
Navytoy1, VA 6/6/2013

Great for Vacation and Quick Charges

This will be a great addition to add to my camera bag for vacations to theme parks and the mountains, when you need charging and you have no other way to juice up the camera or the phone. I tried it on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and it charged from 37% to 87% percent in about 45 mins. And the PowerPro was still fully charged, not too bad. Good buy, will keep this one.
Drs5906, GA 6/6/2013

charger for portable devices

This charger is AWESOME, love it!!! I got one for the husband as he is a big traveler and he absolutely loves it.
Susie2176, FL 5/8/2013

Portability with real power

This thing is great! I was able to recharge my Kindle Fire with this. I have another portable power supply that was just not strong enough for the job. Portability, ease of use, power, this is a terrific thing to have when travelling, or in case of power emergencies.
CA 4/25/2013


Looks nice I’ve charge it up and have it as only a back-up when I can’t get to a power source.
swatmancia CA 3/31/2013

PowerPro…LOVE IT.

I charge it with my cell phone cord. It keeps me supplied with power for my Kindle Fire, gps, and cell phone. I am not always in a place where i can just “plug in”. The PowerPro is alittle extra until i can get someplace where i can. It gives me security in my knowing that if my car is in a snowbank and the battery goes dead, I can still use my cell phone to call for help, even if help is an hour or 2 away. great for my daughter who always says “my phone was dead.”
alicia393, OH 1/4/2013

VERY HANDY… I love this little device.

Very handy and a must have for people on the go like myself.
luv2shop191302, AR 12/10/2012


This is what I was looking for
Orlando, FL 12/8/2012

What a Great Product…

This is the best and strongest gadget ever….I was without power and needed to charge my cell phone this charged it in no time and several times.It held a charge and lasted longer than my cell phone! It lasts for hours and was able to even use it as a light. I took it on the road with me and needed to use it for my portable internet connection and it gave it a full charge that lasted for hours. I would recommend this to anyone.
Carolyn317, 12/7/2012

Love the PowerPro!…

It is the perfect size for my purse and great for traveling with confidence knowing you always have power for your devices! Love it
sewick710, NY 12/2/2012

no more being stuck…

thank goodness for this i can carry in my purse
mzfit314, CA 11/23/2012

very handy little charger…

Used this several times to charge my cell phone in my purse with no outlet near by. Very handy! This is supposed to charge other devices, havent tried to charge my tablet yet, just for how it charges my cell phone is worth the price. Also, this luna powerpro stays charged for weeks at a time!
update, PA 11/10/2012

Luna Charger…

Definitely a great product. Easy to use and great for charging products on the go. Even in the airport this is so convenient as now I can sit where I want. Great for long plane rides to give your batteries an extra charge. A must for people with on the go.
Terrence, NV 8/19/2012

power pack…

This has been the best power pack I have purchased. It’s very conviente to use so purchase it if you need it, very well made. I have used it already very good when you travel.
jc32, IN 8/19/2012


I make a lot of online purchases and NEVER review but this is a winner! What a great item and I am amazed how many times I can charge my phone before it needs a recharge! Sometimes I need charged and can not sit around while the wall plug charges and my vehicle does not charge when turned off so this is just the thing to have!
jefferson24, IL 8/8/2012

best device ever…

What a great idea. I carry it in my purse so if i am out and need a charge I don’t have to worry that my phone isn’t charged or if my reader is running low.
yvonne9113, NY 7/14/2012

A lifesaver!…

How many times all of us run out of battery time on the phone? Well, thank goodness I will always have this backup no matter where I am. I am so pleased that it was offered and will make my purchase of the new TRACFONE even better. I Love it.
roxiefan, MA 7/12/2012


Bought this for a gift, they love it so much. Thanks!
hina, OH 7/11/2012


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